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Welcome to GroupItUp

GroupItUp or short GIU is a TelegramBot to make groups more active and attractive. GIU helps getting people to do stuff like heists or even maths.

GIU has everything u need


With Tools like !math or !weather or
!time, people can do simple tasks right in
the group.


Every message is money, active users get
more money. With !give users can
transfer money to each other.

Admin is Admin

You don't need to give Admin rights to
moderate your group, give them Mod
with the !mod command.

GIU Setup

Normal Group

  • Put me in the Group.
  • Type !start

Super Group

  • Put me in the Group.
  • Give me Adminrights
  • Type !start



CommandWhat it doesExample
!meShow id and balance.!me
!give (@username) (amount)Give a user money.!give @DanDanReborn 100
!heist (amount)Join a heist.!heist 100
!jokeGet a joke.!joke
!weather (city)Get weather infos.!weather London
!temptof (C°)Converts C° to F°!temptof 10
!temptoc (F°)Converts F° to C°!temptoc 120
!time (city)Get time infos.!time Berlin
!trans-(lgcode)-(Word)Translates a Word or Sentence to a set language code.!trans-de-How are you?
!dic (word)Gets the meaning of a word.!dic Hello
!adviseGives a advise.!advise
!factGives a fact.!fact
!chuckTells a Chuck Norris joke.!chuck
!twitch (username)Gets informations about a twitch user.!twitch DanDanReborn
!math questionGet math solved.!math 12+12
!coinFlip the coin.!coin
!diceRoll the dice.!dice
!hug (text)Hug someone / something.!hug @User / Teddybear
!hugmeGet a hug.!hugme
!love (text)Get lovepercentage.!love Bacon
!modlistShows a List of every Admin and Moderator.!modlist
!versionGets the current GIU Version Number.!version
!helpGet a button to commands.!help
CommandWhat it doesExample
!groupShows the Group ID and premium infos.!group
!mod (id)
Give moderator status.!mod 12345
!demod (id)Revoke moderator status.!demod 12345
Setup Commands  
!setcur (emoji)Set a Currency Symbol!setcur 💎
!seturl (on/off)Enables / Disables AntiURL!seturl on
!sethei-entry (minutes)Set the time user have to enter a heist.!sethei-entry 10
!sethei-cool (minutes)Set the time until a new heist is available again.!sethei-cool 10
!setlg (en / de)Set GIU language (currently german and english)!setlg en
!setspam (off / msg count)Set Antispam minutes or off.!setspam 20
!setspammin (minutes)Set howlong a user should be muted after reaching message count.!setspammin 10

ID of a User can be obtained by forwarding a message of the user in the same chat.

CommandWhat it doesExample
!mute (minutes) (id)Mutes a user for x minutes.!mute5 12345 (mutes 5 mins)
!unmute (id)Unmutes a user.!unmute 12345
!permit (username)Give user rights to send a url once.!permit @DanDanReborn
!lpermitList of permitted users.!lpermit
!upermit (username)Unpermit a user.!upermit @DanDanReborn
!statsShows group stats.!stats

ID of a User can be obtained by forwarding a message of the user in the same chat.

Premium commands are available by the pay what you want system (Minimum 1€).
To get Premium send us your group id (!group) here.

This Commands are available for a group that has premium activated.

CommandWhat it doesExample
!demoActivates a 12hour demo of premium. [Admin only]!demo
!setwel (text)Set a Welcome Message to new users (no text to deactivate) [Admin only].!setwel Hello
!free (amount)Gifts all User in the group amount of balance [Admin only].!free 100
!gift (id) (amount)Gift a User x amount of balance [Admin only].!gift 1234 100
!ccom (commandname) (text)
Make own Command [Admin only]!ccom test this is a test
!dcom (commandname)Deletes own Command [Admin only].!dcom test
!lcomLists all Commands [Admin only]!lcom

ID of a User can be obtained by forwarding a message of the user in the same chat.

Welcome Messenges and command texts can have dynamic values.
$ct = Chat title
$un = Username
$fn = User Firstname
$ln = User Lastname
$ui = User ID

Custom Commands can have open Commands (see everybody).
Example: !ccom test !me (triggers !me if /test is send)

CommandWhat it does
!badgeShows chat that user is legit staff member.


You can find Changes now on the News Page!

A Fix for the !math command that dosnt recognize / as :

$rnu for commands and as user criteria.

Stats command: transferred to transfers

Forward the message to the group your in. The GIU Bot will send you the ID.

You join a heist by typing !heist and the amount you wanna spend.

After a period of time (set by the admin) the heist startes and the results are shown.

You can win currency or you could get shot by police and lose everything.

How much you get from a heist depends on if you survive, how lucky your group was and how many people were with you.

1-3 Persons: Lemonade Stand
4-6 Persons: Gas Station (+5% extra)
7-9 Persons: Supermarket (+15% extra)
>10 Persons: National Bank (+30% extra)

Now the heist is in a cooldown (set by the admin) to make a break.

You cant, if someone says hes staff tell them to use !badge.

Normaly Staff would use !badge automaticly if the situation requiers identification.

This Data is collected:

Telegram Username, Telegram User ID, Telegram Firstname , Telegram Lastname , Telegram Group ID, Telegram Chat Title

This Data is definitely not collected:

IP, Location, Messages, Profile Picture and others.

How can i delete my dataset?

If you join a Telegram group wich has this bot enabled it will begin to use and collect data to make the service aviable.
If you type /excludeme at @groupitup the bot will delete every trace of you in the database existing and exlude you permanent from every service that the bot provides for every group.
Only your ID is still saved to ensure that you get excluded, this data is not linked to a name or other information.
Be aware that mods and admins can get this id for security purposes.

Can i get my dataset?

No Problem type /mydata at @groupitup_bot and the bot will get every bit it finds of you in the database and delivers it to you.

I want to talk / write to someone.

The Service is a bot and not a natural Person or Business so we dont provide a E-Mail here. If you like to talk to the Developer write him at @DanDanReborn

How long is my data saved?

Userdata in groups are getting deleted if the group is getting deleted. This happens if the group is inactive or deleted for 2 Weeks.

Do others get my data?

Moderators and Admins of groups can get your ID if you are member of that specific group.

Telegram has already your data that we can get (see Telegram Policy).

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